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Reasons Why We Highly Recommend WinZIP Free

WinZip free is a program used to compress and archive files. The shareware program has more than one million users. It runs on diverse operating systems. This includes Windows, Android, OS X and iOS. Designed and developed by WinZip Computing, which was formerly known as Nico Mac Computing, the application is used by commoners, business men, students and professionals. By default the program creates archives in Zip format. Novel versions of WinZip Free, allows users archive in several different formats too! This has helped them, import and export files in a hassle free order. Furthermore, the utility program is very small in size; it runs on new and old operating systems, without creating any issues.

Creating, combining and extracting files with WinZip

WinZip Free has several advantageous features. The application is mainly used to create, combine and extract ZIP archives. It does not impose restrictions on the file type or size. The application is by default configured to work with the Microsoft Windows Shell Integration. Moreover, it allows users to write ZIP archives into CDs and DVDs without burdening them with tough procedures.

The internal mechanism of WinZip! Few less common facts about the Program!

A large number of WinZip users are unaware of the application’s internal mechanisms. Here is a brief overview on how the program runs:

  • WinZip Free makes use of .b64, .uue and .hqx decoding. The formats are accepted by several different operating systems.
  • The application further helps people to take automatic backups of all their work.
  • WinZip works in conjunction with FTP and TCP protocols. Thus, users are allowed to transfer data across diverse network connections.
  • The ZIP archives can also be e-mailed. When compared against conventional file transfers the compressed archives move around at a faster rate.
  • In order to view compressed archives, users must decompress the whole file. They must reverse the initial steps to re-gain the base file.

Why do professionals love WinZip? Few prominent features of the program!

Professionals make use of WinZip Free, due to its “one of a kind” features. The application helps employees maximize their organization’s investment. They are allowed to invest on storage infrastructures and network bandwidths, without a penny! Furthermore, WinZip reduces the amount of effort required to transfer files. WinZip Free works with the following facets.

  • File compression reduces storage cost drastically.
  • The bandwidth required to transfer files that are small in size is pretty low.
  • The speed and agility delivered by compressed files is very high. The smaller files can be downloaded and uploaded easily.
  • Email storage space could be optimized.
  • Similarly, users can zip and send files across busy networks, without worrying if the files would bounce back or exceed normal server limits.

Managing, creating and sharing content efficiently! The Knack behind File Compression!

WinZip Free saves time, and this in return saves money. Daily business operations are based on managing, creating and sharing content. When data is of manageable sizes, the task imposed on users will be a lot easier and uncomplicated. This is exactly what WinZip does! The program reduces the size of files and helps users’ access information quickly. The application confers users with economical solutions, which can be used to ensure maximum efficiency. This will act as an instrument behind the success of companies.

Organizing huge files!

Apart from these facets, WinZip has helped users organize files effortlessly. Large groups of files can be zipped together to form a single, manageable package. The foremost chore could be done, even while the original folder and file structure is kept intact. Similarly, the files can be compressed into logical groups, which will be apt for sharing data with partners, clients and employees.

Simple procedures to compress and decompress files

WinZip Free eliminates unnecessary steps from the process of compression and decompression. The product is designed by experts to reduce the size of files quickly and tactically. The foremost process does not involve tough, long procedures. Thus, employees can carry out several different tasks without any interruptions. Zipping and Unzipping could be done with just a single click. WinZip has several drag and drop options to help novice users. When you want to zip a file with WinZip, follow the subsequent procedure.

  • Open the application – WinZip.
  • Click on the “New” button. This will open a novel window with your system’s root directories and files.
  • Move through the window, and spot the folder, file or document you wish to compress. Now click “OK”, WinZip will ask you to name your archive. Type a name and press “Save”.
  • This will open up WinZip’s main window.
  • To add the archived file to the WinZip’s directory, click on “Add”. The file you wish to compress must be selected.
  • In the compression menu, select the task’s strength. This includes options like Normal, Fast, Maximum and None.
  • WinZip allows users to protect the compressed files with a password. This is an optional step!
  • Finally, the compressed file will be added to the archive and the document’s size would be reduced with its content untouched.

Manual Installation of WinZip Free!

WinZip Free could be obtained from the internet. The application runs on several different platforms. As you find a website with WinZip, download it into your system. Double click on the “Setup” icon and install it. The application is exceptionally comprehensive. Likewise, it does not encompass of a tough installation procedure. The installation procedure will include buttons like “Continue” and “Next”. Look over your system’s configuration before you check and uncheck the program’s settings. Unlike many other applications, where installation tends to happen automatically, the WinZip has features that must be selected manually.

The advantageous nature of WinZip

WinZip Free is a program that will let you “zip” and “unzip” files. The zipper will compress the files and let you convert more files to given format. Files with the extension “.zip” are products generated by the WinZip program that runs on different platforms.